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march 2014 9 totallyoptical.com FINISHING FEATURE quick and accurate and I can use variable drill angles to produce a much cleaner-looking lens." When I asked about the learning curve, Harding said: "We found that the younger generation who grew up with computers really had no problems. Plus, the screen is similar to the 6e or 7e...it has an 'Optronics' feel that made it much more user-friendly for us." They have also found it extreme- ly reliable. "We follow the recom- mended maintenance religiously and really have had no issues," Harding says. "Of course, having a super service technician living near here sure helps!" When asked how the ES Curve changed business for LensTech, Harding asserts: "Once we had all the shapes loaded and had gained some confdence, we aggressively went after the sunwear high-curve business, combining the complex edging along with our digital surfacing so that we could actually produce a -4.50D wrap that not only looked great but which the patient could actually see out of!" Harding adds: "We use it inline to produce a majority of our fnish jobs. The loader works great. If it drops a lens, we simply open the door and pick it up. We still use the Maxima for small B's and Santi- nelli International, Inc.'s Me 1200 for 'specials' and all the Chemistrie jobs as they have to be drilled from the backside." Overall the lab's owner seems satisfed: "Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't hesitate to advise another lab to buy an ES Curve. It's a great machine," Harding concludes. SCHNEIDER For a couple of years now, Schnei- der has tempted labs with its entry into the multi-axis edging market. However, it has made some changes to the HSC Freestyle edger, carried out testing overseas, and now Expert Optics in the U.S. is using it—"working it out" in the real world. I've been told that Schneider will be taking orders for the edger at VEE. The development and testing, not unlike the ES Curve or the Santinelli/Nidek Xtrimer SE-1, have been more diffcult than anticipated but were continual until Schneider was confdent that the resulting product was equal to or better than the competition. The HSC Freestyle is a true 5-axis edger with virtually unrestricted fnishing options using up to 16 onboard processing tools. The HSC follows "tank-like" construction for reliable high-volume production. Dual Lensmapper A&R Optical Machinery, Inc. 262-641-8780 arom @ ar.be www.ar.be " In producing Freeform, the Dual Lensmapper from A&R Optical shows the entire surface. Standard lens measuring devices only read the power in the distance circle and the near circle, which was inadequate. With the Dual Lensmapper, we can accurately compare what the LMS says the design should look like versus what we actually produced. We now see any fluctuations in quality in real time and address them immediately, saving time and consumables. It's the most important piece of equipment we have in our Freeform line. " - Janet Benjamin, President, Optical "Ophthalmic processing labs have jumped in with both feet when it comes to advances in surfacing." - OLP.Mar2014.indd 9 2/24/14 11:58 AM

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