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totallyoptical.com NEW FOR THE LAB RUNDOWN DEBUT OF A 5-AXIS MILLING EDGER BY SANTINELLI Santinelli International has unveiled its new 5-axis Xtrimer SE-1 indus- trial edger which features dry cut lens edging technology. This edger has a revolutionary "V" tool design for a more effcient method of dry cutting and milling today's frame shapes and lens materials. Using fve individual processing tools, the Xtrimer SE-1 can expedite the roughing process on all organic lens materials, including Trivex ® material and polycarbonate. The unit completes the 3-D cutting cycle and is capable of making inclined bev- els and drilling diffcult shapes. Job data and grinding settings are displayed in graphs on the color LCD touch screen for easy job verifcation. Command data can be entered using the iRx Editor, a tablet application that allows for real-time, interactive, and remote support. The Xtrimer SE-1 is available as a stand-alone edger or in operation with Santinelli's AES robotic units. For more information, contact Santinelli International at 800-644-3343 or santinelli.com or at Vision Expo East #LP7321. A SUPERIOR LENS FROM SEIKO Seiko Optical Products of America, Inc. has introduced Seiko Superior, an ultra-personalized lens that starts with three unique designs (Superior B, Superior N, and Superior F) to match a patient's lifestyle and occupational needs. Superior is Seiko's most advanced and precisely customized dual-patented free-form design yet, according to the company. Once an eyecare professional (ECP) determines a patient's visual needs, she can choose from 11 different corridor lengths (8mm to 18mm) to accommodate nearly every size and shape frame. Superior offers 51 options for the near zone inset (0mm to 5.0mm) and 21 options for frame panto- scopic tilt (0˚ to 20˚) so the lenses can be completely personalized. Superior is available in a wide variety of materials and coatings with add powers from +0.50D to +4.00D (8mm and 9mm corridors to +3.00D). It can process convex curves onto the concave back surface of the lens to have fatter base curves on plus power prescriptions. The result is a lens that is 25% fatter in profle than Seiko's other free-form designs. For more information, contact Seiko Optical Products of America, Inc. at 800-235-5367 or seikoeyewear.com or at Vision Expo East #LP7303. AN ACCURATE MACHINE FOR RIMLESS EYEWEAR Eye-DNA has devised a way to mount rimless eyewear. The Rimless Lens Mounting Machine is designed for labs or retailers that process more than 20 rimless Rx/Chemistrie jobs a day. When used in combination with the pre-sized bushings, it can reduce mounting time so a clip-on lens takes 10 seconds, and Rx eyewear takes 20 seconds. The company says experienced technicians can fnish each piece in under one minute. The machine is accurate, pedal activated, easy-to-use, and suitable for all ma- terials. It never tires out so a lab can achieve consistent compression job after job. For more information, contact Eye-DNA at 011-852-5527-0678 or eye-DNA.net. march 2014 23 A MORE COMFORTABLE FIT FROM VARILUX Essilor of America, Inc. has launched Varilux Comfort Enhanced Fit ™ digital lenses, a new personalized option within the Varilux ® Comfort ® family of lenses. First introduced in 1993 and rede- signed in 2010, the company says Varilux Comfort digital lenses are the world's most popular progressive lens design selling 100 million pairs worldwide. Varilux Comfort Enhanced Fit digital lenses allow the lens design to be optimized through use of personalized frame wearing measurements. They minimize unnatural head movement when reading, provide comfortable transitions at all distances, reduce peripheral distortion to expand visual felds throughout the lens, and offer design elements on both sides of the lens through Varilux DualOptix ™ digital surfacing. For more information, contact Essilor of America, Inc. at 800-542-5668 or varilux.com or at Vision Expo East #LP7235. OLP.Mar2014.indd 23 2/24/14 12:00 PM

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