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RUNDOWN NEW FOR THE LAB 24 march 2014 totallyoptical.com SMART FREE-FORM SOFTWARE FROM PFO GLOBAL PFO Global has announced the release of its next genera- tion free-form design software, SmartCalc ® which offers full Rx optimization with custom- izable options. SmartCalc can be used with any single vision lens blank in any material. It can offer changeable base curve selection and a fast calculation engine installed lo- cally with web-based backup. SmartCalc has three designs and four lifestyle options: Acuity ® progressive design, identity ® customized progressive design with "as worn compensation," and upgrade ® single vision design. A lab can sell the lenses under the PFO brand names or as their own private label. For more information, contact PFO Global at 866-996-7849 or pfoglobal.com or at Vision Expo East #LP7173. A DEVICE TO CONTROL THE CLEANING PROCESS NGL Cleaning Technol- ogy SA has introduced the UPC 3000, an ultrasonic process con- troller for the quick and easy control of cleaning baths. The UPC 3000 device can be controlled using a simple menu and confgured to meet a user's needs. It has a microprocessor and three sensors to ensure that labs are constantly in control of the quality of the cleaning process. It can direct temperature and conductivity measurements, track how the power of the ultrasonic baths are evolving, control the quality of the water in the rinsing tanks, and measure the concentration of the detergent. For more information, contact NGL Cleaning Technology at 011-41-22-365-46-66 or ngl-group.com. CHANGING LIGHT FOR VSP'S PHOTOCHROMICS WITH AR Vision-Ease Lens has expanded its line of photochromics with ChangeRx FSV AR. These plastic lenses are coated with Vision-Ease's proprietary Vivid AR. The company says ChangeRx lenses are recognized for their lightweight comfort, photochromic performance, and affordable price. ChangeRx FSV AR lenses offer the same characteristics with the ad- ditional benefts of diminishing glare and refection because of Vivid AR. The super-hydrophobic coating reduces distortion by allowing liquid to run off without streaking, is scratch-resistant, anti-static, and oleophobic to repel grime. These lenses can adjust to changing light because photochro- mic molecules are embedded throughout the lens monomer. ChangeRx FSV AR lenses are offered in gray and brown colors and are available in 65mm and 70mm in diameter for -6.00D to +3.00D spheres up to -2.00D cylinder. For more information, contact Vision-Ease Lens at 800-328- 3449 or vision-ease.com or at Vision Expo East #LP7419. RX LENS TECHNOLOGY FROM WILEY X Wiley X ® has developed DigiForce ™ , a digital Rx lens technology that can offer precision measurements to Wiley X wear- ers. Digiforce digital Rx lenses have been designed specifcally for Wiley X's 8-base wrap frames to allow Wiley X to completely customize each prescription to a wearer's lifestyle and frame ft and the technology's point by point digital lens mapping can minimize distortion. By accounting for intricate measure- ments such as pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle, vertex distance, etc., DigiForce can deliver personalized free-form lenses. For more information, contact Wiley X Eyewear at 800-776-7842 or wileyx.com or at Vision Expo East #3509. DIGITAL DESIGNS FROM DIGITAL EYE LAB LOREM Digital Eye Lab, a division of ABB Optical Group, has introduced a proprietary lens line, the Digital Master Series. This series includes a new group of lenses made by using digital lens designs such as enlarged intermediate seg- ments and wider near zones so patients can use them as everyday lenses or when using their smartphones, tablets, and computers. The Digital Master Series of lenses is available in more than 50 materials and coating combinations, including photochromic and polarized designs. The frst design in the series is Xpanse with Inter Boost technology. It is a fully back-surfaced, general purpose progressive that has an expanded corridor width, features a soft design, and can ft a wide selection of frames. For more information, contact ABB Optical Group at 800-852-8089 or abboptical.com. OLP.Mar2014.indd 24 2/24/14 12:00 PM

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