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march 2014 1 totallyoptical.com OPINIONS 03 gould on labor 04 social media advisor 05 in the lab 06 one-to-one with john fried, president of A&R optical machinery FEATURES 08 multi-axis edging fnds a market 14 a new era for lens technology 16 simple business-building strategies from optical prescription lab RUNDOWN 20 lab news 23 new for the lab CUSTOMER SERVICE workers are among the least engaged workers in the U.S. This is a startling fnding from the Gallup Business Journal ("Getting the Most Out of the Employee-Customer Encounter", June 25, 2013). It extends to everyone in your organization who interacts with your customers: salespeople, customer service personnel, credit and account receivables staff, etc. A number of years ago, my wife was shopping at a favorite department store and encountered a "snotty" clerk. She came home sputtering and declaring that she'd never shop there again! I asked if she was unhappy with the merchandise? The pricing? The return policy? She replied "No" to all these questions. I then asked if she was going to overlook all that because of one clerk who may have had a fght with a spouse? Perhaps whose child was sick? She sheepishly replied "no." You get the scenario. One person, the face of the mega-chain, had a bad day and my wife was willing to throw out many years of satisfed purchases. One underpaid and often underappreciated person has affected your whole business relationship. And when it comes to customer satisfaction, the back offce—those behind the scenes—matter as much as the front line. All employees must understand how their individual contribution relates to the company's mission and purpose. When I worked at Walman Optical in Minneapolis we had a deliveryperson who, I'm positive, brought us new customers in addition to retaining the ones we had. He was universally loved—a goodwill ambassa- dor as the face of our company because of his demeanor and attitude. Yet, we often fll this position with a person whose primary qualifcation is a driver's license, a good driving record, and will work for minimum wage. Think folks! Identify those employees who are the face of your company and cherish them. Help them understand that what they do is important. Your business is your satisfed customer. JIM GROOTEGOED Professional Editor, Optical Lab Products EDITORIAL STAFF VICE PRESIDENT, EDITORIAL Beth Schlau beth@visioncareproducts.com PROFESSIONAL EDITOR Jim Grootegoed jg@visioncareproducts.com EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Carol Gilhawley cg@visioncareproducts.com CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Ana Montoya am@visioncareproducts.com CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Jeanne Muchnick jm@visioncareproducts.com VICE PRESIDENT, DESIGN Jane Kaplan jk@visioncareproducts.com SENIOR ART DIRECTOR Diane Cuddy diane@visioncareproducts.com PRODUCTION & WEB MANAGER Anthony Floreno af@visioncareproducts.com WEB CONTENT MANAGER Steve Curry sc@visioncareproducts.com CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Andrew Gould, Bill Heffner IV BUSINESS STAFF PRESIDENT/CEO Frank Giammanco fg@visioncareproducts.com EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Shawn Mery sm@visioncareproducts.com EASTERN SALES REPRESENTATIVE Sean Slattery ss@visioncareproducts.com WESTERN SALES MANAGER Marie Welsch mw@visioncareproducts.com VICE PRESIDENT, MARKETING Debby Corriveau dc@visioncareproducts.com VICE PRESIDENT, OPERATIONS Sharon O'Hanlon so@visioncareproducts.com FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/OpticalLabProducts Your Business Is Your Satisfed Customer MARCH 2014 CONTENTS OLP.Mar2014.indd 1 2/24/14 11:55 AM

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